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State-of-the-art Innovative Technologies

State-of-the-art Innovative Technologies


the engine generates enhanced turbo-charged and super-charged air pressures for high power capabilities, and has the ability to operate well at high altitudes. Contra-rotating propellers minimize engine-twisting torque. Fuel efficiency is expected to be excellent due to reduced friction, higher operating temperatures, and recycled engine heat.

  The engine is well suited for aviation power as well as general-purpose applications such as electrical generators for hybrid cars.

  The Huba engine is a small-sized and lightweight, air-cooled two-piston reciprocating internal-combustion engine.  The engine core resides in the hub area (brown center below) and has exceptional power-to-weight ratio, vibration-free and torque-free aspects.

 Ducted Fan Aircraft Engine  36 inch Configuration with stator vectored airflow control 

With only four major moving components,